That Ol' Walrus Voodoo

What is Voodoo Walrus?
CreepKnight at 10:51PM, July 11, 2007
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Of course, it is easy to misapprehend Voodoo Walrus as a “series of adventures had by two out-of-their-mind comic creators, their sometimes wacky girl friday, and of course their pseudo mascot/ pygmy cow (coming soon!).” But this is not the whole truth, the essence of what Voodoo Walrus is.

So I ask of you, humble and well meaning reader (or troll whose verbage will be quashed by the might of my verbal hammer), what is Voodoo Walrus?

–Villemous “I'm gonna post if it kills me” CreepKnight.
As stated by little Susan Meyer, Age Seven

“In the end there shall come a dark time, where the true followers of Great Cthulhu will grow massive in their numbers. The moon will flow with bile, the sun will burn black, and the rivers shall flow with the blood of the non-believers…”
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