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The Matthew and Flexiorn and Also Freee Super Stickman Hour
MatthewJA at 7:03PM, Aug. 12, 2011
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I am MatthewJA and I co-write the Matthew and Flexiorn Super Stickman Hour, which also contains Freee. You should go read it.
I am here to lurk and stuff.
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Genejoke at 2:05PM, Aug. 13, 2011
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You look strangely familiar…
ayesinback at 7:17PM, Aug. 13, 2011
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Indeed MattJA:

familiarly strange  :-)   Hope you find it all just ducky.
And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same
Renga Studio at 3:30PM, Sept. 11, 2011
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Hi, MatthewJA! :) Welcome to DrunkDuck! I think…
Renga: How are you everyone !!
Renga: All your weather are control by me.
Renga: I has a weather machine.
DrunkDuck: What you say !!

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