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Peanutshells: My webcomic experiment. Feedback please.
Rod_Weep at 10:14AM, Oct. 4, 2011
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Hi all. I've been wanting to do a webcomic here, but can't draw. :(
I'm giving it an attempt to see if I can work the kinks out. This won't be the strip I'd be doing. It's an idea I had for a 30 or so part story I figured I'd use as my ginea pig. Don't worry…I know there are LOTS of kinks. :D :D :D
Let me know what you think:
ayesinback at 7:52AM, Oct. 7, 2011
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I like it, but I'm not sure what the Schultz estate would say.
*I'm reasonable - a second mortgage will not be necessary to buy my silence*
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