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Building an audience
skye_fenn at 10:13PM, March 2, 2014
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Hey everyone
Ive just started my comic “steamrose” and its gotten quite a warm reception at least here on drunk duck. My dream however (like any other comic creator) is to have as many people as i can get reading it. So I was wondering if there are any veterens out there you can give me any tips on building up a bigger audiance. Thanks!
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ozoneocean at 7:38AM, March 3, 2014
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Some standard, easy ways to do that here:
- Be a regular comenter on other comics here that you like. People will see your name, hopefully find your personality interesting, or see your eyecatching avatar and want to check out your comic.
- Get involed in community projects like Heroes Alliance -
And through their zombie project -
 Also groups amd projects on places like Deviant art.
- Another old standard is to do fan art for very popular webcomics, not just here but all over the net. They will hopefully post links to your work.
- There's paid advertising through systems like Project Wonderful, that can be pretty cheap and get you some new eyes on your work.
- And basically just updating very regularly and saying something interesting and friendly in your author notes each time. Also responding to the people that comment on your pages.
usedbooks at 4:54PM, March 3, 2014
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Also, get your comic listed on top lists and comic link collections, banner exchanges, etc. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to put banners up on DD pages right now, but you can use author notes to place link banners and you can also use the links above or to the left of your comic (unless they are glitching out, which they do sometimes).  Some lists don't require links back and are just compilation sites. – Oh, and TVTropes is a way to get a few new readers too. You can make a listing for your own comic there (catalog it under DrunkDuck comics) or, better, just add a note and link under a trope your comic is “guilty” of.
Social media can help too if you connect to more popular comics or join webcomic groups.
Aside from that, I'll just echo ozone and say don't be a stranger. Get involved in community projects, fan art, and discussions.
skye_fenn at 9:59PM, March 3, 2014
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Ok cool, thanks again guys. Those are some usefull tips, some things in there that I hadn't thought of.
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DarioCOMICS at 11:56AM, May 18, 2014
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hey, am also building a webcomic, and an audience.
i am at a beginning state, but i wanted to share it with you!

tell me what you think of it. getting feedback is kinda hard.

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