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Happy Holidays!

skoolmunkee at 11:03AM, Dec. 24, 2012

Hi everybody! Just a little news announcement to announce that features and and Quackcasts will be resuming in the new year. Just a little holiday break! (And really, the site gets so little traffic over this period, it's a bit unfair to whatever we're trying to highlight.) Newsposts with regular announcements will go up as usual, if I have any!

Meanwhile, why not check out all the Secret Santa pictures drunk duckers are posting???



Abt_Nihil at 11:36AM, Jan. 1, 2013

A happy new year to all my fellow drunkduckers! ^_^

ozoneocean at 11:31AM, Dec. 28, 2012

You too!

SLK8ne at 8:20PM, Dec. 26, 2012

It's cool. Have a great new years guys :D

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