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FEATURED COMIC --> My Friend Fear the Monster

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 1, 2013

A monster's job is to go forth into the world of little children and scare the pants off of them! But the poor little froggy monster Fear has fears of his own, mainly the dark. Coming the the real world in search of candles to fight his biggest fear, he inadvertently makes a friend…
This is a comic aimed at younger viewers. The storyline is very simple and straight forward and the art style is bright, bold, extremely professional, but also quite simplified. It would make a great picture book or animated cartoon. Even so, the story is touching enough for people of any age.
By penicillin07, rated E.

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Banes at 11:16AM, May 4, 2013

Very cute character and nice style...I got a little teary at the end!

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