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Hey! anyone remeber when sprite comcis were the shit!?
No? Oh… Well I enjoyed them. There used to be a new one like every week! Whathappened to that era :( lol ...

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Name: Ray (initials of my full name, I reuse it a lot :<)
Age: 21, Young and dumb.
Home: Scandinavia, all of it :D
http://kindred-comic.thecomicseries ...

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Hi! My name is Tea and I am the one of the writers for Splices of Life. I work with TGP on the comic and am one of the main ...

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Hello, I've been producing Natty Patty for years now, so I got a sizeable backlog. I also have a variety of other ongoing comics as well, some with covers ...

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Well what can I say? Inspired by the great comic writers and artists at Marvel (and a little DC) my mind has always been alittle with ideas. Sadly i often ...

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