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Hello, DD community! I'm an beginner artist, and never made a comic in my life. My english is baaad. And don't expect much more form my comics.

Love ...

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"That can not die
which can forever lie,
and with strange aeons
even death may die."

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Yo, I'm a dude who can't decide if he's a nerd or a geek.
If you're looking for my stuff, you'll probably be better off ...

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I'm a 17 year old aspiring artist. I'm Icelandic. I'm going to try to update on mondays and thursdays, but I'm not a very organized person ...

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welcome to my ….page. Oh yeah this section is about me.

Name- Veece
Age- 19
Likes- chocolate, drawing, books , singing, music, ADVENTURE, waffles and pancakes. Meat ...

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basically to sum me up i like anime,comics,manga and games, i also really like music.
i'm an aspiring manga-ka who is currently saving up for a ...

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