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I grew up a big fan of old style serial comics like Dick Tracy and Terry and the Pirates but I also liked humor strips like Peanuts and Garfield.So ...

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Hi there! I am Tea and I like to draw. I have many projects going right now and I'm doing my darndest to keep them all on the up ...

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Hi, welcome, I draw and probably don't bite.

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Team Atrox is Paul Cibis, Emory Herbertson, Leslie Levings, Matt Miksch, Frank Smith, and Jeff Stone. They collectively write and produce comics, videos, and prose for the internet. You can ...

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We are a Comic/Animation Team!
This account is used by the writer and primary artist.

The Drunk Duck profile space is inadequate.
See the team information here.

Homepage is ...

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Hello Everyone!!!
My name is Jasmine Ellis (Writer)
Team Echo86 actually represents a brother/ Sister comic creator duo. 
And the comic book Sworn is actually a dark and spiritually trying ...

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