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Stephen (xmung) Crowley has been foisting his cartoons on the world for longer than he cares to remember. His interest in comics range from the fanboyish to the alternative- indie- ...

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Well.. Im a furry, and i love Furry art ;)
Adult or Regular, I love it!
I'm a very nice person..
I dont have many people on my bad side ...

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I help on Groovy defects i have a black and purple fringe

nobody really cares


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im not a good drawer but i have great ideas so ya…

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I'm XNinjaRed's Little Brother and I am his assistant for his comic "Another Sonic Comic".
Although I'm not involved in his new comic "Sonic College" I highly ...

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Yo, I'm XNinjaRed. Big brother of XNinjaBlue who's my assistant for "Another Sonic Comic". I made a sidestory named "Sonic College" which contains the characters of "Another Sonic ...

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