Ultimate Edition OUT NOW

Abt_Nihil on Feb. 13, 2011

indyplanet won't show you the cover thumbnail for some reason, but I guarantee you'll get a cover that looks just as neat as the one pictured above! (What you won't get though is my carefully manicured hand to hold the book for you while reading. Well, might depend on your offer…)

It is quite a handsome book, if I dare say so myself. As for the content, I'm actually very, very satisfied with how it came out. This really is the perfect representation of a comic that, for me, was the most auto-aggressive fun I've ever had (not counting the sort of auto-aggressive fun that would empair my memory, which for obvious reasons I can't tell you about). You probably all know yourself that, rereading your own work, you tend to get fixated on the mistakes or shortcomings. I reread this in one sitting last week, and can now say that I am quite proud, actually ^_^

As for the bonus content: Some of these 50 pages were spent on trying to convince you that the 150 comic pages actually do make some sense. But of course you can also buy this book for the eloquent and insightful questions alejkhan a/k/a Victoria Rehfeld Smith asked me in 2 (that's two!!) in-depth interviews. Or marvel at the gorgeous pin-ups supplied by Hannah Ayoubi, Keith Taylor a/k/a JustNoPoint, Ran Brown, Zambi, S.A. Welland, William Gibbons, Nikki Moore and Victoria Rehfeld Smith (yes, she's everywhere! :P). Of course, I also included every bonus comic, gag strip, sketch, thumbnail and what-not I could find.

That's 200 pages, at standard US comic book size, for a mere 12$! (A special introductory price which might go up a few bucks soon.)

So, if you'd like to throw some money at me (frankly, most of it goes to indyplanet/ka-blam anyway T_T): Here's a clickable link for your convenience. And may I suggest you add the first volume of Shades to your order…? Saves shipping cost, you know! :-)

Thanks for all your support - and I don't necessarily mean just the monetary one :D