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LA chica, here and now. Take me as I am…Yess….just take me as I am. Read my comics. 

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The residents of Ditz City keeps smack talking about THE CAT...the one that runs around town in a van, worked at SIlly Muffins and smokes catnip with the owner of the Flappin' Fish bar just down the street? He tells people he is an expert on paranormal creatures who aren't very photogenic! You know, the orange tabby that is adopted by dogs in this city of dogs and cats that still don't get along! C'mon, help me out here! The cat that keeps getting snuffed by the Devil's Wolves! Yeah, That guy! Taco Fluffy! He's at it again!
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Taco El Gato is Super-Taco in this mini comic series! Taco Fluffy becomes a super hero that can produce tacos from thin air. Kicked out of the Super Duper Club, Taco rejects being a crime fighting super hero and becomes up with his own idea of using his super powers for good. Comedy.

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