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- I write and draw my own stories; I've done this
for as long as I can remember. I decided I wanted to do comics for a living
when I was in high school. I experimented with a separate account a year ago on
this very site but my art skills weren't fully polished. Over a year later I
return and hope I do better and share what goes on in my mind.
- My username is derived from a male character of
a story. The full name is Magor Missab (Hebrew for “Terror on every
side”.) It's based on a false prophet from the book of Jeremiah, if
anyone's curious.
- My style is inspired by many artists: Kelly
Jones, Amano and the manga illustrator for the Vampire hunter D series, Jack
Kirby, Bruce Timm, Ben Templesmith, and many others that escape my mind. I love
to draw characters with a warped anatomy; it's fun that way. Writing style
isn't really inspired by anyone, I write what comes to mind and/or haunts my
- I'm often very shy and tend to keep to myself,
right now I'm in college working on a fine arts degree and minoring in writing.
I'm always coming up with new and insane ideas. 
Anyway enough about me go read comics. :D

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Like Madness Combat? Then you'll love this. Join Hank as he's employed to find a missing girl. As he searches for her he soon finds out he's been dragged into a horrifying secret.Hank doesn't seem to mind. He's going to need more bullets... Updates Friday! Updates Monday and Friday on September: Madness Month!

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One big dysfunctional family of monsters, living in that part of the woods where those meddling kids tend to disappear...

A grotesque life story of a demon that eats other demons to get stronger.

Transgender/Lesbian Romance! A little sophistication, a little punk rock, sexy butch women and a hapless everywoman protagonist in a lesbian demimonde.

Margot is a lazy, 18-year-old girl that has to make dinner for her sister and herself for one night. This causes Margot to find herself in a tough situation that's hard to chew and swallow... **Rated PG-13; Contains some strong language.

It's about a man named Jack....that's about it. This comic didn't have a script when it started, and that's why it's not that good in any way...

An American teacher in Japan finds romance and wacky misadventures when he gets engaged to a gothy mob princess. We have Time Monkeys.

Fernando Fritz just woke up from a very long nap...six feet underground! He's nice for an undead guy, just don't mention brains around him.

A page filled with a variety of strips that update on whatever Wednesday I happen to complete a new one...


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