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"You can wipe your ass with a page of Megaman sprites and there'll still be someone on Comic Genesis who will tell you it's brilliant." - Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw

What can I say? It's true.

About Me:
18, Canadian. The name's Patrick. That's about it.

Call me any one of these.

Underscore: Updates daily, you should read it. That's all =D

Metal Lapse: Used to be a terrible MM7 sprite comic. Currently still a terrible MM7 sprite comic, but is updating for the first time in years, with a new story! It will also be acting as a prequel/prologue to Underscore.

Bloodlust: Eternal Conflict: I can't exactly describe this one. It began as a joke, then somewhat became serious, but then I flat out lost interest. Dead(?).

A Farewell To Arms: Some story that I planned on being more 'srs' than Bloodlust. Dead.


Alexander And Lucas: Rebooted: This isn't my comic. I am merely updating it in ReaperEX/DensetsuEX's absence.


Working on some other things at the moment, as well. Keep on checking back for updates.


My other comic host:
ComicFury: Ghosthands

I support this:
The Spriters Alliance

Comics By Ometh

  • Fantasy |
  • 103 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
In some unknown location of Canada, we follow the lives of a small, unruly group of young adults. Unaware of what is going on in just about everywhere else in the world, they do their best surviving through their misadventures. One day at a time.

Comics Assisted By Ometh

  • Fantasy |
  • 70 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
The reboot of Alexander and Lucas! Get ready for some familiar faces, new characters and best of all: A whole new story!
  • Fantasy |
  • 24 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Mental Lapse, the next biggest band in the century has just arrived. They plan on making it into the big time, if only they could just get their first gig. . .

Comics Recomended By Ometh

They each have their own pasts, all intertwined. They all have their demons, they all have troubles... Alex, Cindy, Lucas and June. Four friends from long ago... With a new house and new friends, their lives just keep getting weirder and more messed up.

The reboot of Alexander and Lucas! Get ready for some familiar faces, new characters and best of all: A whole new story!

For 7 years, a trio of Spriters have wreaked havoc and Lulz across the net. Now, they make their Triumphant return. This is Pixel Punk.

X and Zero are fired of the Hunters for wasting their budget by dying too much. They're forced to make their living on a coffee shop named Razoolies

Sometimes, the hero always steals the show while the villain gets none. Now we take a look at one of these villains and see what they do on their daily lives to take over the world. Episode 4: Ground Zero

Bodies in the street, killing over head Marvel at the sky, as it turn blood red Peelin' caps back til the white meat show This is natural, for the little Afro Pressure bust pipes, minds is feeling up And when I lay it down, you ain't never getting up Revenge is on my frequency dialing Prayers for these fools, well it ain't worth wilding You say that you a Samurai? Whatever I'm fueled with my father, he's inside me forever Ya'll ain't never seen this greedy young boy Not constructed by girls, by games, by joy See I'mma think for ya, I'mma think for me Out think the enemy, constantly It's murder on the rocks, slinging niggas on the roads Citizens take cover as I shit on patrol When they see me, they say 'Who that over there?' Just a lil' dude with a head full of hair Just a lil' dude, not a god damn care Just a lil' dude, so you best to beware Phony niggas talk bull, but I know they don't kill And they know it's for real, but I hope they don't squeel They hold me bigger than a bull, to left my home alone grail Only trigger that he pull, is on the hungry pope drill Show you how the coke feel, four in yo dome, now go chill He ain't never gettin' up like O did with no pills V.I. pop stars, I'm strapped like Bokeem Gettin' shot, pa, no turn back with those keys Try'nna shop hard, bigger than obese And I say I cop cars, I ain't talking bout the police Nigga broke, pockets look like the ears of Odie From Garfield, know how my heart feel Winter Benz, stop the rims, do cartwheels Now I'm the Man, like Meth from Park Hill Bring a pound, cuz I smoke trees, a little hash too Break ya down, so I can put weed in little capsules

A megaman series(all) based comic, about the various megaman series eventually leading up to a battle with that which sunk Atlantis!


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