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Name: Beth

Occupation: Procrastinator XD, no…actually I'm a student

Where the hell have you been?: I've been busy being a student and working two full time jobs. Having a mini-meltdown too XD, that was fun.

I want to keep up on your latest stuff: um…why? I'm very active over at LJ, you can always find my newest stuff there. (warning, Narutardism and boy buttsex)

Your Status in life: I fail. XD

Do you even do comics anymore?: Um, yes, I do. Boy buttsex ones. I actually attend a lot of anime conventions and sell them and crap. Eventually they will get posted here, but I'm lazy.

(by the way, lazy means that when I get done working 80-90 hours a week and going to school that I'm just too damn tired to do much more than to be a bum on my computer or something).

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