Storyline1: The Gadorade Insident

Thirdperiodlunch on May 4, 2006

The Real Story:
This happened about a week ago. A boy came up to our table and took my Gadorade (Spelled it wrong purposely… I swear. >>;) as me and my friend Christina were fighting over it. I went crazy because I was really thirsty… Anyway, after a few minutes the boy came back to the table and dropped off my Gadorade bottle with some weird blue liquid. I wouldn't drink it because I didn't know where it had been, but one of the Emilys at my lunch table took the bottle and drank all that was in it. We were all grossed out.. Little did we know, but the Gadorade boy would come to our lunch table every day and take the Gadorade. x3

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