Make your own assumptions...

Thirdperiodlunch on May 7, 2006

The Real Story:
I updated it early today because Emily G. has been bugging me all day to. See? She's being introduced with Michelle in this comic. Yeah. I thought it would be better to put this in the middle of the Gadorade storyline because the last two strips are kinda repetitive. Funny, but repetitive… Okay. Now to explain the comic.. The whole “Touch it” and “Lick it” things are kind of her catch phrase. Michelle just seems to be everywhere at the wrong time. Like listening in to convorsations… There will be a comic about that up soon too. xD Oh yeah. Emily's hair is the color mocha soy latte.. She made me note that here.. Oh yeah. There's a fry war going on at our table.. I'm not sure if anyone else will really get this comic. It's sort of an inside joke. :/

Anyway. If you chose not to read this long paragraph, I hope you read the title.

PS: Emily, see the your sucky face coloring? See teh worse than usual art of you in the last panel? That's what happens when you rush me. >D

Next Comic: Tommrow? Friday?