If You Build It: Failure at Shop Class.

Steely Gaze on July 6, 2008

Oops, heh, heh. I guess Jared conveniently forgot that little incident.

Actually, I'm not even sure how one nails their hands together. I mean, that would take some major screwing up to manage! :P

Now I think we're beginning to see why this was a bad promise for Jared to make…. Hmm, I think he needs some help, don't you? And I also think Henry will do anything to get out of this whole mess. I mean, would you want to hang around a guy who nailed his hands together? What might he do for an encore?

Hey, check out a pair of cameos here! We've got Connie and Felix from the ever-awesome Compozerz! If you aren't reading this groovy comic (and why not, may I ask?) then you had better hurry up and get through the archives! It hasn't been around too long now, so catching up should be a snap. And it's worth it!