A Cow Conundrum: A Better Plan.

Steely Gaze on Oct. 25, 2009

See? When Henry tries, he can sometimes do the right thing.

Damn, this one is beyond late. To be honest, I've basically scrubbed the month of October. Fortunately, there's only one more page in this storyline, and then I'm going to discuss things with my artist so we can have a nice big mess of pages for the next, considerably more epic, plot I have scripted. I really want to get back on a regular schedule for it, ‘cause it’s gonna be a story best told in rather quicker segments than I've been handling this month.

Getting back into a set routine is going to be a big focus, even with everything I've got on my plate, I think it might be possible. In the meantime, I want to thank all of you for not completely ditching my lazy bum. I know, it's the free cookies I give out, but still, thanks. Here's hoping to a better November!

Reply time….

@Flup: Glad you liked it. That line was kind of a throwaway that CK helped make better with Henry's nearly crazed expression on this page. To be honest, I wasn't making fun of vegetarians, just Henry. He'd done it to try and impress a girl and…you know what? One of these days I'll have to showcase all of the outlandish things he has ever done to try and get a date.

@Amanda: Thanks very much. It was a trying time for a couple weeks there as everyone adjusted, but I think we're doing so much better now. :)

@Lulululuqtqt: Thanks. It was rough for a while, but we're adjusting as best we can. And as to your other comment, yes, I think there's a distinct difference to the way someone speaks and the way proper writing should be done. I mean, real people tend not to be the most proper when it comes to language, and thus conversations in books and comics should follow that attitude to a degree.

@Trevor: I know. I'm the same way. I tend not to leave comments more and more as of late–seems it's becoming harder for me to come up with and write my usual thought-out comments–but rest assured, I'm always reading. I just use “Thanks for reading!” as a kinda generic reply when given a 5 without comment. I don't mind them, far from it, but I feel compelled to acknowledge them.

@SlideStudios: Thanks you. :)

@Kid: You ought to be. Be ashamed! Very ashamed! Extra ashamed even!

Really, buddy, you've just got to get back on the ball. And I'll help in anyway I can. We can get back into a working schedule, I know it! :)

Again, thanks for your patience everyone! I'm hoping to stop saying that soon. :P