The Earl of Jesus Mountain: Page 7, Happy News

ShadowGamer on Feb. 10, 2024

Jane: Fanny, I’m finally going to be a real poet! I’ve just got a letter from a publisher! They want me to write a book! Don’t tell father!

Fanny: Whyever wouldn’t I tell father? I love father!
Jane: You know he wouldn’t understand, Fanny, He doesn’t like me writing poetry.

Fanny: Are you sure? Have you written poetry before?
Jane: Not as such… I mean I haven’t officially started writing any individual poems, but I’m constantly going on about it, and he doesn’t like that.

Fanny: May I simply tell father that you have happy news, without revealing the details?
Jane: Can you not? I don’t think father would like the idea of me having happy news.

Fanny: Maybe I’ll just tell him that something nice has happened, without telling him what, or to whom.
Jane: I suppose you can tell him that, but at that point you’re just telling him nothing.

Jane: Anyway, I’m going to go learn how to write poetry, and come up with a few hundred pages worth of ideas for poems, and then write the poems.