Help a brother out: PLEASE READ AUTHOR'S NOTES.

literacysuks1 on Oct. 12, 2011

The above pinup is an artwork done by to celebrate the end of the book. Figured this message needed a little visual…
From deviantart:
SO. I said I was going to be doing this…awhile ago and then I got distracted with scripting and inking and various other comic things. However, I need money to fund webhosting and supplies for the San Hannibal project and this is the best way to do it.
For a 15 dollar preorder (shipping included) you will get a small trade paperback containing Acrobat issues 29 and 30 complete with bonus pinups, a free quick sketch from the artist (me), and the short Christmas story illustrated by Jon Cairns of Alpha This comes out to about 60 pages, which I think is a decent deal for an indie comic. Let me know if you want anything specific for your sketch and I’ll try to include it with your copy.
Payment can go to, and I’ll need your address if paypal doesn’t already have it. Ka-Blam takes a long time to print, so it’ll probably be a bit…but you will get it.