Chapter Three, Page 10

threeeyeswurm on April 4, 2010

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Hey guys,

No news from Zuda yet… Hopefully we will hear something in the next two months.

Both Anise and I have also taken on other projects that you might be interested in. We have both started our seperate blogs.

My blog: The Epidigm Journey

I am recording my creation process of a new webcomic I am working on in this blog. Lots of discussion on my inspirations and my thought processes. So far it is more story creation oriented but once I start posting my comic pages, I will be discussing more about story-telling.

Anise's Blog:
Not So 9 to 5: Day 12

Anise's blog is her daily reflections of herself as a comic artist trying to make it in the big bad world and more importantly, in the obsticles in her own mind. She also shares much of her insights and analysis of her own social and popular cultural observations.

@Asbin, Thanks man. a new reader! Yay!