Numero 50!

antcomics on Nov. 18, 2007

And here it is, at long last… I decided to make the 50th Antcomics include all my faithful readers, who manage to come over here and make comments on nearly every comic I do. Hats off to you guys. Also, everyone who has drawn me fan art is here too! Many of these guys were my first readers ever too.

As you can see, strip 51 will be a continuation of this…where there will be even more cameo appearances by more characters!

The cameos that appear here are as follows:

Frank and Vinny from Frank and Vinny, by crocty:

Rockster, who has three comics on DD and reads quite a few too!:

Angelos from (you guessed it!) Angelos by GreatScottComix:

Daphne from Daphne Descends by Fern:

Junglebean from The Foreigner, by Junglebean:

Scott from Madscott, by Madscott:

Dan from Dan The Man, by dantheman:

ToonmanAZ (aka Frank), who draws Company Man:

Lempki Sputnik from Pugnuggle Tales, by HarryQ:

Bloodhound from , by TheMidge28:

Steve, from Life and Death, by joff:

Christian from Christian’s Life by vie4:

Mick and Ryan from A Bit Cheesy, by Fitz:

Donaque, from The Zoo at Home by ncbaddwolf:

T.P. Wigwam and Kip Noctambulist from The Unitary Authority of Ersatz by Ersatz:

Sebastian, from Rebound by Reboundcomic (got it right that time, heehee):

Jimmy, from Been Better by TheJimmy:

Herb, from Everybody Hates Herb by Conned:

Melvin, from Raw Fish? By n_y_japlander:

Zorphbert & Fred, from Zorphbert & Fred by dgriff13:

Boner & Punkin, from Boner & Punkin by StewWriter:

Goosetown and Lunchbreak, from Goosetown and Lunchbreak by GTLB:

Gupi, from Like Fish in Water by dracco:

A big, hyyuuge thanks to all of you guys. You guys are a big part of the reason I keep plugging away at this. You guys are the bomb-diggetah!

The Ants don't know about this party by the way. It's a surprise!