John Clyde Remix

antcomics on Jan. 15, 2008

Today I decided to give the Ants a break so they can go play in the sandbox or whatever…I told them to stay out of trouble.

I am a fan of a comic here at the Duck called “John Clyde the Nature Guide” by Chameleon Kid. It's a cute, funny comic about a clutzy guy named John, his wife Penny, and other assorted characters…

When she put this strip up the other day I thought I'd remix it. I will be submitting it to Kingofsnake's Comic Remix project also…

So here is my tribute to John Clyde, in all his clutziness. This was fun to do!

Thanks to Cham for her permission to remix this.
See John Clyde here:

The remixed comic is this one:

The remix has been posted at Comic Remix, which is here:

Hey, I just cast my ballot for the best comics of '07, and you can too! Go here to find out how:

I voted for several of you guys. :o)