Bowling Pt. 8

antcomics on Feb. 25, 2008

Somebody just needs to get Adam away from those bowling balls, NOW.

I have actually done that at the bowling alley (well, the ball didn't crash through the wall but I did throw it behind me like that).

Today we wrap up the cameopalooza with Martin and Tucker from Pinkerton:

And Ronson, playing the barkeep (once again) appears again from the Gods of Arr-kelaan:
Spang had asked me back around Christmas time if I'd do some GOA guest art and at the time I didn't have enough time to do any…so I hope this makes up for it! :o)

This is one of my best strips, I think. Those frames where Adam's winding up and losing his grip on the bowling ball were a challenge to draw. Those motion lines are merciless–I pretty much gotta draw them right the first time or draw the whole frame all over again. I was pretty proud of how this all turned out.

I was going to do another frame after the last one but decided it was perfect to end this strip just like I did. Whaddya think?