#1 - The First Day of Summer: 33 Bloggings Upside the Head

Beaums on July 16, 2007

A howdeedoo everyone! Welcome to Attempted Fishmath, a weekly comic strip focusing on a peculiar little organism and his efforts to find a place in a frantic high school environment. But that's only skimming the surface of this savory webcomic parfait. Want to truly indulge in the many creamy and delicious layers of this French desert? Then your future is simple; keep coming back, my “soon-to-be” webcomic audience! Keep coming back…

So let's see here… what can I say? Well, I guess should start off with a little more detail on this here comic. You see, Attempted Fishmath is not only a webcomic, but also a current print comic appearing in a magazine called Youthink Magazine. Youthink Magazine is a newspaper-style magazine written for the high school students of western Canada, (British Columbia and Alberta primarily). Through a series of fortunate events, I came to meet the editor of Youthink Magazine, and earned myself a position as the contributing comic artist. I am, of course, a volunteer for the magazine, but I am finally publishing my cartoons to the masses and it feels damn good. Daaaammmnn good. Attempted Fishmath is a comic I created especially for Youthink Magazine, and it made its first appearance in Youthink's July issue of July 1st. Canada Day! After I started receiving positive feedback for my comics, I decided to upload Attempted Fishmath on the World Wide Web. And here we are, Attempted Fishmath on Drunk Duck! Of course, that's just a short summary of the true history behind AF. Perhaps I'll tell you the full tale somewhere down the crazy road… If you play your cards right.

Anyways, welcome ya'll! I hope you enjoy my latest project. I send around four comics each month to Youthink Magazine, so that's basically one comic a week. I have decided that Attempted Fishmath will be updated every Tuesday and that will continue unless I run into any serious snags. Attempted Fishmath is black and white for now, as I am still tinkering with digital colouring, but full colour may come into play later on in the series. Will storylines develop within these gag strips? Who's to say? Attempted Fishmath needs to crawl before it can run yo. It also needs to crawl before it can fly at a super sonic speed, but that's another story. Anyways, I developed a bad habit of rambling on too much in my first webcomic, so I'll cut it short here and let you enjoy the fruit of my labors!

This comic goes out to Will, the lazy turd with the fohawk. Ha ha, I'm joshing. He's not ALWAYS turd-like. (But he is lazy, don't get me wrong on that.) Anyways, this was the very first Attempted Fishmath comic I wrote, so it gets spot numero uno. The themes the editor of Youthink gave me for the Augus issue all had to do with the summer, so this was basically the first thing that came to mind. I don't know why blogging came to mind though… Will doesn't even blog… he watches LOST and plays bass guitar. Ah well… this isn't an autobiographical comic, I can skew reality! Who's gonna stop me?! Nobody, that's who.

Keep on tranglin',

P.S. I apologize for Under Management's unexpected halt. I promise that it will return someday, in a larger, more glorious webcomic project. Keep your chin up out there. ;)