Amelius on April 14, 2007

The title is a little play on an alp-related word.
Ever have something made of beads just come apart like that? I was a little inspired by one of my favorite bracelets falling apart on me like that.
And have a little faith guys, I'm not slacking off, I just have something majorly important to do right now and I've had to minimize my work schedule for it. That doesn't mean I've taken a break from it or anything (or need to for that matter) it just means that I don't have as much time to devote to it all at once like I could before. I've been doing it in small increments, which I thoroughly dislike!
Also, I see my expirement with colored lines fell flat, since only 2 people noticed it (or said they noticed) and the only other mentions were that something looked off (because believe it or not I was actually happy with that page for a while)
Ah well, live and learn! I've just got to do better.
I could only squeeze in one guest today (better than none at all like I've sadly been doing) and that is the nice pale lady behind Kavonn and Fay, and she's Danielle from Artdude2002's awesome comicDanielle Dark.

Take care everyone! See you later (or sooner)