In Hiding

Amelius on July 5, 2007

Sorry about the long wait everybody, I was feeling a little down and it was interfering with the quality of my work.

Guests today are Emma,from
Lifes a Dilema With Cory and Emma, by
emjee. That's the redhead with the cool shirt.
And the cute goth girl is Mika,from Mob Ties which belongs to
Author Ninja

And also, Clayton_N, though the post was amusing…Charby still doesn't look like Jhonen Vasquez' art, especially not Zim. I think I already made that clear (and that Charby's eyes are neither shaped like or colored the same, and I've drawn these eyes on Rabies the dog many years before Zim even existed). Besides, you could make a better comparison to this monstrositycould you not? Please just drop the issue mmkay.