School's in Session

Amelius on Nov. 26, 2007

Argh, it's still Tuesday! (by just a hair)
I think this may answer a few questions: Kavonn can indeed grow his hair back to its original shape. It was cut in such a weird way because Sadick and LaBelle don't exactly have a razor with them right now…so it was crappily sheared off instead of shaved.

Sorry I haven't updated this in like a week but I didn't have access to the computer and all that wonderful stuff. I have a lot of PQ's I need to get around to answering now that I'm home too…so don't think I'm snubbing you, I just haven't been online! (I'm in a hurry right now as it is though. Why? Because this comic will probably update tomorrow too, thanks to those donations I got! thanks everybody!)

One important request I'll get to right now comes from Ali, who wants to let Chris know she cares about him and really does love him. I hope things work out for the best for you two!