Right on Q

Amelius on Dec. 18, 2007

Though Quixoto's question to Gabby amuses me in this context, I absolutely HATE it when people ask me that sort of thing! No kids, no! And I'm stickin' to it. Getting married does not automatically mean kids. I have a lot of very good reasons to stick by my stance.

Moving on to less aggravating matters! The graphic novel for Night School is halfway done. Whoo hoo! I'm really excited about this!

Umm…I had more to say methinks.

I'm kinda bummed that Q's eyes didn't scan very well. It's hard to get the correct color on the computer and in a scan. If you've ever used a neon-yellow hi-liter marker, then you know what color Quixoto's eyes really are. Neon doesn't show up very well on monitors, sadly. That seems like one of those colors you can only see in person.

I'm really enjoying drinking energy drinks lately, Nick says that's because all the caffeine actually helps me focus. It's because of the ADD of course. Yes ADD is a real condition! (gets on my nerves when people say it's not…almost as bad as those who say depression is fake) Of course there is the problem of people who think they have it or use it as an excuse for being a weirdo…that just makes it hard for the people that actually have it to be taken seriously.

Subject change! I'm sleepy. I should update this, huh?