Drinkin' in the Boy's Room

Amelius on June 11, 2008

Hey, we have a guest today! The zombie fellow being eyeballed by the Cricetaurus* is Chainey, who is from
Flipsidered's awesome zombie comic called
Maggot Boy. Go, you, read it!

In other news, sorry if I gave anyone the impression that I was being too down on my own art, I know it isn't terrible, and I know for certain it ticks me off a LOT when I look at someone with incredible art, and see them say their own stuff is crappy…because what do they think my art is, when I can't draw half as well! If their's is crappy, who knows what mine is! I can't take any compliment they give me as being sincere, y'know.
So anyway, sorry if I came off as one of those people! I was trying to be sort of cheeky was all. I don't think I'm bad, I just know I need to improve. I'm not gonna claim to be doing any masterpieces here, but I'm certainly not as bad as some people say I am! (and if people think my art is terrible, I'm sorry I just don't know what they expect; fruit on a table maybe? M.C. Escher? Alex Ross?!? I'd rather draw like ME!)

Another item in the news: If you want T-shirts with Charby stuff on it, I got a cafepress store for that. If you wanna suggest things to put on them, go over to my CTV forums and tell me! I've got character shirts in the works (the skull shirt Kavonn wore and soon one of Crispo's chibi shirts)and a poster…some of the stuff is a little pricey because it's on darker shirts…but I'm also trying to get out some other things that will be cheaper, so keep an eye on it if you want and I'll be adding new stuff to the store very soon. I know I dragged my feet on this for the looongest time because I hate asking for money from you guys (that's not why I do this comic after all) but desperate times and all…heh…I'm going to get sick of ramen at this point.
Anyway, sob story aside here is the store: evilempire_shop
We'll also have stuff there from other comics like UIU too.

*A Cricetaurus is something from Night School…go you, read! The current page nearly killed my hand! There's a “hamstersaurus” there, he's cuuute….