This Party's OVER!

Amelius on March 18, 2009

Sorry this took so very very long, there was a lot to do and lots of cameos. I'm sad that I even forgot some, I'll have to make it up later. So for now here is the list:

There's only two cameos in here wearing hats but are not an alp, but if you want to find out who the alp cameos are go toAlpTarnkappe

A good deal of cameos in this page are of the comics by the fine folks over at
Mediocre Militia and they all are awesome.

Allanfrom Allan
Luciefer From Luciefer
ChanceFrom The Path
ZakFrom Acquired Taste
Phineus From Phineus Magician for Hire
Shaun and Dave From Applied Living
A character from A Murder of Two
Some characters from some darn good DD comics in order of appearances
Jack and Cynthia from Ishi Alliance
Rapheal from Paranormal Activity
Dr. Argon from Villain Next Door
Davey from Maggot Boy
Klesk from Music of the Spheres

And then two cameos from some just really really awesome comics
Ginger from The Cure
Lust from Sins

Sorry if I messed up colors on any of the cameos.

Vote incentive today is a collage of art that got rejected by the party, just to show that I do care about what the art looks like and don't just slap it on willy-nilly. Just a little bit not much, some of it got lost. I'm so tired.