#775 Rude Awakener

Amelius on April 29, 2009

Taking a little advice, I did something a tiny bit different with the coloring today! Hope you like it!
Good news: My computer stopped making weird noises and is running fine now.

Vote incentive today is the two sketches I did for Yiska's concept of character.

By the way, any of you reading this! VND slipped off the top ten despite my plugging, I'm guessing some of you didn't notice me linking to the awesome Argon VS Charby pages so here is a nice shiny thumbnail link to grab your attention: PLEASE GO LOOK! He put a lot of work into what he did and I think he does deserve a spot in the top 10 for his effort, and for a darn good comic. Most people would just whine about the 10 in the forums, he went and did something cool with it! Go on, stop reading this and scoot!