#901 Browbeaten

Amelius on May 18, 2011

Both tweak and tweeze mean to “pluck” or pull out, though tweak is usually used to suggest an adjustment, soooo…. yeah.
I hope youse like that landscape, little as we can see of it in that panel, because it was a PAIN. I hate buildings! But I must try anyway, or I'll suck at it forever! :C

So of course, Yiska knows about the demon market, and thought perhaps they were going there. She's not petrified of humans, but she is nervous nonetheless. She doesn't really interact with mortals all that much in her line of work.

Thanks for all the congrats and stuff on the milestone! :D I really appreciate the support, you guys make me smile ^_^

TWC looks like it's down right now, blast, and I delayed to finish an incentive! I guess I'll update it with the next page then.