Family Tree

Amelius on April 30, 2018

*sigh* my main website has been down for a while yes, thanks to malware and not being able to afford someone to fix it at the moment. We're gonna pay up this Friday to hopefully get it back online again.

That aside! This page murdered my arm, because despite the small size of the panel to the right, that's a full page of art and detailing out those leaves individually left me in pain for DAYS. Is it just me or do copics have a unique quality of ejecting from their cap at random when you've got them stored, so they can dry out and force you to go buy new ones? I know you can cheat it with rubbing alcohol poured into the barrel but the results of my attempted marker revival have been mixed (and I'm out anyway).
So here's the Marlowe hunters of the past! Not all of the Marlowe family or even all of the ones who were hunters, but these are the “greatest hits” through the generations between Jonathan and John. We may learn actual names later, but I'll tell you the relation they have to eachother- first on left is father of the two to the right, mutton chops is the father of the pointy-eared one who is in turn the father of the tall one on the right.
Front row, brother and sister, the next generation are twins, then Nicholas Marlowe and his son James Marlowe, who is John's dad and Vic's great grandfather.