Volume 001- Avoiding Confrontation

Toby Durr on Sept. 1, 2022

Okay, so here I am, showing my face on DrunkDuck again after literally years. If anyone remembers Coga Suro from before I took it down, this is, at its bare bones, a rehash of that. For folks who don't know what that was, it was my first ever webcomic, I spent three years drawing it week by week and it ran on this site ages ago. So what I'm doing, in order to get back into the habit of drawing comic-y things semi-regularly, is taking the bare structure of that old comic and doing a new thing on top of it. There'll be some broad parallels but I expect after a while it'll start becoming its own thing, once it gets rolling.
Anyhow, sit back and peruse at your leisure.

Edit 11/05/2022: Wow hey didn't think this would happen but I redrew this page! The version you see now was redrawn eight years after the original! I started throwing the link around Twitter again and I wanted a nicer first page for people to land on, basically.