The End (for now)

Toby Durr on May 28, 2018

So, with this end page, I'm calling Coga Nito officially done for now. It's been almost four years, and as I've mentioned before, a whole lot has happened! At this point, though, I'm just glad that I managed to bring it to the end point I'd originally envisaged and tie it all up- and not only that, but evolve it along the way as well. Half of those characters up there just sort of turned up along the way, which is something I love about this whole webcomics deal (or the improvised way I like doing it, anyway…)
So here's everybody. I managed to remember everyone that was on the recap pages, and I snuck the Corpse/Beyond in there as well, because it's a character as well, right? And they're (mostly) all waving goodbye, since I'm waving goodbye to them. For now.
Other Coga Nito one-shots will happen in future. There's a few ideas but no specific timeframe for them. Keep an eye on Twitter for any updates on those- and if there's anyone you feel deserves a spinoff, give me a yell!

For now- thanks a lot if you've read through the whole thing! If not, go back and read through the whole thing. Go on. It'll be good for you.