I Hate The Tunnel

patrickdevine on Dec. 1, 2009

I fell short of meeting my on-time update, but I suppose it's the online cartoonist curse that comics are nearly always late. But hey, look! Cricket and Creature are back in the comic! They look like they could stand to be cleaned up a bit but they're here! Personally it's good to draw them again after a time of not drawing them.
@ghostrunner: Ain't they cute?

@Jonko: You bet!

@JNP: Yeah, Madeline turned out to be an emo girl– honestly, with the dark clothes, the sullen demeanor and the black eye makeup how could you not see it coming! She'll be all right, though it's probably a good idea to keep her away from sharp object for a while.

@Trevor: Aw man, how many books are you planning? I always find it cool to hear about peoples' self-publishing projects ‘cause I’m way big on small press!

@Zephyrion: Thanks!

@amanda: As much as I worry about it I don't think it's an entirely founded concern. Most people that are actually smart don't seem to mind if you're not well-educated. And hey, enjoy single life while ya can! Just tell people that you'll get married when you're good and ready for it dammit!

@khard12: I suppose it's the one good thing about this situation. Grandma's a pretty sympathetic person.

@usedbooks: Well, she ain't saying one way or the other! It didn't go as well as I hoped– I've got to start planning interviews better.

@Warped: I'm not so sure I entirely agree. From what I've found Tatsumi was a contemporary of Osamu Tezuka, who was an extemely influential figure in shaping Manga and comics and even an early influence of Tatsumi himself. Tezuka was also famous for bringing more mature themes into comics and worldwide is considered to be one of the artists that elevated the medium. Though I will say that Tatsumi is severely underrated for his achievements, especially when compared to Tezuka.
Will Eisner is interesting for being a comics artist that made comic books before expression was coined, practically the entire tradition of American comics is built on his work– there's a reason why the most prestigious award in comics is named after him. Mature themes in American comics in particular have a pretty strange history, particularly when harsh censorship came in with the Comics Code and the backlash that followed with the Underground movement. Maybe this is a bit too much to get into here…

@Peipei: I imagine Grandma's maternal instinct is to thank for that.