Chapter 1, Page 17

alschroeder on Dec. 17, 2010

Here's a great page from Neil (he of DASIEN) - a quiet and charming character moment between Das and Parker. But thanks to that nosy HU Commander it probably won't stay quiet for long! Tune in on Tuesday for the next update as Das gets some unexpected visitors…!

From Neil:
"Sorry to keep you all waiting. You knew Das would be making a cameo, and here she is with her best bud in the whole world, Ms. Parker Lynn Bailey!

So, there's a little retcon going on here. While setting up the reunion between Das and Double-M, I decided to enact a small retcon I had been planning to resolve some issues I'd been having with Dasien being part of Heroes Unite. It's nothing against HU, but for story purposes, I had to change the context of her involvement during E.G.O., the reasons for which I can't really disclose at this time.

Commander Zerfall is an important Dasien character, who has not been officially introduced until right now. Again, what purpose he serves will be established at another time. This is the only time that you're going to see him in this particular story.

By the way, the photo album cameos should be obvious by now, but if you must know, they are Energize, Bombshell, The Green Avenger, and Liberty The American Girl.

See you next Tuesday!"