Page 23, Chapter 2

alschroeder on June 8, 2011

Another beautiful page from the Red Death. His comments:

“I really tried to push myself outside of my usual comfort zone with today's
page. I did a floating panel page composition with the three panels in the
top-center, which is something I rarely ever do. I took a page from Xmung in the
third panel and tried to draw a depth of field shot with the whole group. (That
was not a separate drawing added digitally BTW, I just faded it out in the
coloring stage.) And I even attempted (and I stress attempted) to base
Mindmistress off Liv Tyler just like Al does. One of the best things about
working on these community projects is the push and pull of the other artists
motivating you do to better at your own art.”

This ends Chapter 2. Next week, a little interlude, as we look at the origin of ONE of the Doppelganger Gang, and his ties to a non-superhero webcomic, and we'll do daily updates Monday through Thursday with that origin (by myself) and then hopefully, on Friday, the cover of Chapter 3.

Be here! We'd HATE to start without you.—Al