Interlude: Chant Origin 1

alschroeder on June 12, 2011

First of four pages—the origin of Chant, the necromancer of the Doppelganger Gang.

This is the same world–even the same sorceress, Jeneia–currently appearing in TALES OF THE TRAVELLING GNOME. Matthew Summers/Net, the author of same, filled me in on some details of that world, how necromancers are the most powerful sorcerers but paid the greatest price for their power. This is the first of several origins we have planned to flesh out the Gangers and get you acquainted with their viewpoints.

One thing I wanted to do with the Doppelganger Gang is show the huge diversity of webcomics. By the very nature of the grouping of the good guys, it tends to draw heavily form the superhero-oriented webcomics. But unlike American comic books, webcomics are hugely diverse, ranging from the fantasy-oriented, to the anthropomorphic funny animal/furry genre, to science fiction, to video-game playing slackers, to whatever. I wanted the Doppelganger Gang to reflect that diversity.

TTG is one of the best-written AND best-DRAWN webcomics out there, and I invite you to visit the world of Ti-Ron and drool over some of the most gorgeous artwork you'll ever see. I feel very inadequate even trying to draw some of the characters therein, following the brilliant art of Michelle Zastrow.

Tomorrow, you'll see See'Si'fros (who will become Chant) and his first contact from the multiverse in general and “Mister President” in particular.