Interlude: Chant Origin 3

alschroeder on June 14, 2011

Third of four pages on the “origin” of Chant, the Doppelganger Gang's resident necromancer.

I rather liked the top part, Chant's unease at meeting Suki and Night Carver. I think any of us who have ever thought about it would wonder what it would be like if we ever went insane. Chant doesn't have to wonder any more. Suki and Night Carver are variations of himself, and they're sociopathic and homicidal.

Many of the Gang are ruthless–Chant himself is pretty ruthless, obviously–but he doesn't enjoy killing, he just doesn't hesitate when it needs to be done. Suki and Night Carver enjoy it, and fill him with some…unease. A sort of “I could have gone that way” feeling….

I also like how Firearm, the Gang's resident sharpshooter, helped Chant gain more prominence in his own reality–by eliminating the competition through non-sorcerous means. Doubtless Chant has also helped others of the Gang do the same in THEIR worlds…

I introduced three Gangers only to have them transformed into the amulets Chant wears. Now you can understand how he as so much more powerful than Hoodoo. He now has the power of three other necromancers, in addition to himself, to draw on.

Seusfried is from the reality of the fantasy webcomic, ROGUES OF CLWYD-RHAN and mention is done with the permission of Reindeer, the strip's creator. Like several others in the series, he is half-fairy, half-human.

Sishfrak is half-elf, and from the fantasy world of ELF LIFE by Carson Fire.

Sparks Shearfrost is from Terra, the setting for the webcomic MAGICAL MISFITS.

There are a LOT of good fantasy webcomics out there. I wanted to have Chant be representative of several of them, in a sense.

Tomorrow, the first Death-Avatar captured! –Al