Interlude: Chant Origin 4

alschroeder on June 15, 2011

Finishing the origin of Chant, the Doppelganger Gang's premiere necromancer.

Yes, that's Steve from LIFE AND DEATH and used with Jonathan Oliver's kind permission.

Even though Chant got rid of/absorbed some other fantasy Gangers, he's not the only magic-maker among the Gang. The Frost-Giantess has been seen before, in the kidnapping of Hel and also the Death from Energize's world. More on HER later.

We also get a little closer look at Mister President's home reality (which we in the group call “Ruinworld”) and more clues about Mister P.

I like the bit about Chant being somewhat overwhelmed by modern technology. We also see who he's telling it to—although whether he's telling this to the REAL Eruption, or Captain Perfect disguised as Eruption—you'll just have to see.

Tomorrow you'll see the cover for the next chapter!–Al