Chapter 4, Page 6

alschroeder on Nov. 24, 2011

Ohohoho, I love shower scenes! I guess that's why I was asked to do this (THANK YOU!). Yes, there is an uncensored version of the final panel. I obsessed about MM and Hoodoo's nipple colors for too long considering you can't see it in the final version. ^_^;;

Yuuki's jewel is embedded in his chest. It only pokes out when he's a valkyrie. Check out this comic for more info.

Kittyhawk ^_^

If I may draw your attention back to the text on the page, in case you missed it (you perves!) there's an interesting little side conversation between MM and Hoodoo about a certain Captain Perfect you may want to contemplate. If you go back through some of the interaction between Hoodoo and Captain Perfect since they first met you may notice some mutual admiration taking place. Hmm! Anyway, it was fun to write Hoodoo in this scene, she is normally more reserved when in her costume but in this scene she reveals (er, no pun intended) she has a playful nature as well.