Christmas Present - Darrell

ShinGen on Jan. 11, 2008

First off this guy is awesome. He picked up on ALL of the forgotten gifts in the “Secret Santa Christmas Thread” in the forums and took it upon himself to make several extra gifts which is just amazing of him to do. Check out his comic Divine Leap and drop him a line!.

Secondly. Some of you may have noticed, I've been gone for quite some time. Yeah… I kinda got caught up in a lot of stuff and sorta just forgot I had the comic. Also I got hit by a car.

0.0 Moving on.

I'll be going back through everyone's comics that I've missed this whole week and by Wednesday I should have up a new (also my 25th official) page along with a contest and some other goodies. Anyways thanks to everyone who sent me messages asking how/where I was. I deeply appreciate all of your help and concern. DD is definitely one of the nicest groups of people you can find anywhere and you all continue to make me feel at home here so once more thank you all for your support.

You guys rule.