Due East - Book 4 Page 13

dueeast on March 18, 2008

Okay, my sincere apologies for the 2-day delay on this page. I didn't want to rush it. I finished the art on Monday but was exhausted after my workday and Tuesday March 18th marked my wife's and my 13th wedding anniversary! Woohoo!

Today's page doesn't have many words but I think the page speaks for itself.

Also, loads of cameos today from DD'ers! Full list below:

Sona and Fenny from The Devon Legacy
Nicodemus from Morphic
Daisy from Salt The Holly
Alex, Kaida and Seiko from Used Books
Cricket from Crickets Creature
Aurora from Aurora of the High Seas
Joe from Naive
Vakanai from Rumbles
The lead character from Daughter Of A God

I don't really have room to reply to all the wonderful comments from the last page but thank you all for your input. I think everyone felt pretty similarly, which was interesting in and of itself. Replies will return on the next update (I'm aiming for next Monday, hopefully).