Issue 5 Page 9

repoman on March 20, 2011

Uh oh. Kyri's in trouble.

How can she possibly survive that fall? Could she really die in a flashback? Anything can happen in the impossible land of Endstone. ;) Tune in next week fellow stoners!


mattchee - Thanks Matt! Those Kirby dots were crafted from that Manga Studio link you sent me a while back. :)

SoItBegins - Cool. I didn't know too much about the arquebus so thanks. I love reading about historical battles and techniques. Also, I lived in Japan and I remember that the place where the samurai took their last stand against a gun equipped army became a train station that I frequented. Ironic….

God of War - A wooden gun to down Magneto? Interesting. Can a wooden gun even fire? I just would have hit Magneto over the head with it. :)

Seanb47, Accolade Graphics, Azujod, machinehead, Zephyrion, Lemniskate, armandoB, Doctor Shadow, jerrie, plymayer — As always thanks. I appreciate your continuing support. :)

See you next week and keep on keeping' on.