Energize: Black - Page 11

Nepath on Sept. 19, 2017

Moving away from Energize and Beth for a page to bring a couple more characters into the story. My intention when bringing the comic back was to try and tie up some loose ends I left hanging, one of them being Lucy as Energize.

Rather than ignore the couple of stories I started with her and eventually dropped, I'm just going to pretend they took place and form her story. For the purpose of this comic, she is Energize, and unlike most, knows exactly if Energize: Black is Mike back from the dead, or someone else.

As for Titan, I decided she needed to move on a little. And so I took her away from Heroes Alliance and gave her a position of authority. She also has made the decision to take her ‘would have been’ father's surname (Callahan) as she did not have one of her own, as well as sport his old colours.

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Thanks for reading and commenting!