Aussie_kid on July 4, 2006

Well, I'm almost ready to start EtD2 (Hopefully by Friday) but in the mean time, I thought I should give every one the recognition they deserve. Mainly because I prefer to have a round number, this bringing the total up to 80 pages

I don't know every one's real name, so if I used your screen name in the credits (The ‘thanks for reading’ bit doesn't count) it's because I don't know your real one. Don't bother telling me it, because I'm not touching this comic again… unless I need to check back something and whatnot

Any way, that basically says all I wanted to. If you aren't in the readers section, then you're one of the people I didn't have space to mention. Sorry. Never thought it'd get that popular though (I just did a copy-paste of all the names of people who gave fives in the first twenty-five pages)

Okay, Amy only did a few pages, but she did help out with the original plotline, so she gets recognition. I did the FFT Aussie, Champtim did the rest, so thanks to him

And if that bit at the end sounds hypocritical, let it be known I did acknowledge every one I parodied and they all know they're in here

Well, it's been fun. Thanks to all again

Until next time
The Aussie Kid