The Sciences, Part 5

Xiam on Sept. 22, 2009

Wow, that girl changes fast.

So, here's the first (really hard to see) view of the CUA. Strictly speaking, yes, it's a flying squirrel - it's like a squirrel, but with wings. But I like CUA (Cute Useless Animal).

Almost called it a C'Bua (Cute but useless animal). Meh.

I was really torn regarding its color, though. Light blue? Pink? Purple? Brown? Reddish brown? GRAY?

I decided to go with the same purple I'm using in Gary the Alchemist, for Gary's lab walls. It's fun to recycle colors for no reason whatsoever.

Apologies for the late post. I am considering giving up on trying to post these on Wednesdays, and just shoot for Thursdays. What do you folks think?