Chapter 23 page 10

mlai on May 22, 2019

posted by edbang

art by edbang, story by mlai, justnopoint and edbang

More of the art style we were trying out in page 8. Adding the artifact is challenging and sloppy, but it doesn't need to look perfect. In fact the less perfect it is the better.

Abbot and Costello. I wonder if there's anyone old enough to know who they were really named after. I'm not even sure I'm old enough to know who they are and I'm already middle age! I guess the only thing to know is that the were a very famous comedy duo back in the 1940s and 1950s. That makes the naming of these guys very cool.

drawn on a yoga book Lenovo YB1-X91F, windows 10, v1809, Clip Studio Paint Pro.