Chapter 24 page 05

mlai on Oct. 16, 2019

posted by edbang

art by edbang, story and edits by mlai, justnopoint and edbang

It took a while to draw this, since edits usually delay the process, but the quality usually goes up because of it. The first draft had the last panel 5 stories high, and it looked like a church. Here the shot is tighter, the whole place is maybe 3 stories high. It makes more sense in this version.

Coloring was done on two layers using the watercolor tool again . one foreground and the other the background. I'm pretty comfortable with doing things that way, so I'll use that process moving forward.

This is an establishing shot page, so not much story, but if anyone is following, this is obviously the women's camp, and they seem to have vehicles just like the men's camp.

I'm about 30% done with next page, but I'm pretty confident to get it done in a couple of days. Might even get some good headway into the page after.

drawn on a yoga book Lenovo YB1-X91F, windows 10, v1903, Clip Studio Paint Pro